NaPoWriMo# 4 The Gardener

The Gardener

Terra Firma had freckles,

Angel kissed, but hers were green.

Terra loved to garden

All things she loved to grow.

Some you’d know, some were sweet, while others keen,

In a breath, the rest she whispers for her tenderfoot off Spring,

Little flower blossom


“Golden flower, soak it in

don’t let your petals grow weak.

We live in the goldilocks, don’t take for granted

One in a billion,

Little flower, blossom

Sent from heaven above,

Grow high, unfold far out,

It’s the best high you’ll ever get, daised but not so confused.

Mothers say “stay out of-”, “cover up-”, or “why don’t you go get some-!”

But that’s just a mothers nature, what you need is Mother Nature.

Drink water,

Little flower blossom


Our home gets it just right,

Winter’s over, days are longer,

Feed steadfast and take your fill,

You’re love and you’re beauty in a pot on a window sill.

Warm your wings and never hunger

Drink the fruit of the angel kiss,

Color my freckle,

Little flower blossom”


-Sebastian Emery

Today’s theme was to write a poem with

a hidden enigma or a sort of unmentioned riddle, I hope that you enjoyed it.

Here is a bonus excerpt from the upcoming sequel-

Terra Firma had a sister,

When away, her sailor lover missed her

deep blue eyes and wavering stability

her fits of rage

her sweet assuage.

Loving she of sacred tranquility.


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